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Who are we?

Leader Västra Småland is a non-profit organization that works with rural development. Local companies and organizations can apply for funding for their project ideas through us. The projects that receive support from us can be described as puzzle pieces that serve to create economic, social, cultural, and environmental development.

Geographically we cover the following municipalities: Gnosjö, Gislaved, Vaggeryd and Jönköping.

Our board includes representatives from our area and from municipalities, organizations and the business community. The funding we distribute stems from the EU, the state, and our member municipalities.


About Leader

Leader is a method for rural development used throughout the EU. In Sweden, there are 40 Leader regions and all of them work according to local needs and conditions. The geographical distinctions are in place in order to maintain a strong local focus.

The basis of the Leader method is that people who live and work in an area are the ones best equipped to know the needs of that area. These are the kinds of ideas that we can support. It is best if the projects are in fact initiated locally by residents, companies, organizations and groups. In addition, in each project, there is an advantage to cooperation between non-profit, private and public sectors.

Furthermore, projects receiving Leader support should be innovative and capable of rethinking that suits their geographical region.

Our goals

We have set goals that we are working towards 2023-2027, based on our area. The projects that receive funding from us should contribute towards these goals. Projects within these categories can apply:

• Entrepreneurship

• Appeal, quality of life and participation

• Long-term sustainable development and climate focus

• Knowledge, inspiration, and networking



Apply for funding

If you have an idea for a project, feel free to contact us and we will tell you more about how you can proceed. If you do not speak Swedish, you can get information via email or by phone. We can also help you get interpreting assistance if that is something you require.

Sofia Skörde, Executive director

+46370-33 10 30




Are you interested in transnational collaboration? Leader Västra Småland have over the years initiated, and we have been invited to participate in, various transnational projects. We are always interested in discovering new perspectives and conducting exchanges of experience and we see immense value in collaborative work. Contact us for more information!




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